Immaterialist (EP)


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released November 5, 2013



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IMMATERIALIST Saint Petersburg, Russia

IMMATERIALIST was formed by guitarists Ilya Kuzubov and Alexander Filippov (ex-The Wheels Of Sorrow) in late 2012. They were later joined by: Rustam Sharipov (ex-Naily), Daniil "STEWART" Svetlov (Amatory), Anton Sharpilo and Dmitry "Dima Dee" Ryzhov. At the moment IMMATERIALIST is a team of six musicians united by common creative and musical ideas. ... more

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Track Name: Сonverting Beliefs Into Knowledge
oh my God
like whatever you say
no sense in all of that
oh my God
i said get down

as the cognition unfolds
you'll never know
we be blasting minerals
with fucking furious (forms)

the everhanged man & molested
starve for the info if you are still interested
have spent whole life on the brink
hard to persive and it's hard to achieve
but one effortlessly sees

on the very next moment you consider it subtle
movements of the mind (that) brings endless trouble
software liquid runs
the wistful gaze carves deep forms on the red blood

i'm what you're waiting for
like wings for butterfly
you fall when i despise
all the things you've lied
Track Name: Those Who Know, Do Not Speak
further expansion of consciousness
transforming knowledge fragments
deactivated modes & quests
the elementary ornaments
interconnected yet unbraced

meditate on the current paradigm
scattered across the surfaces
proceed deez karmic recycling & waste
you can't see no hand in front of your face

ignorance is bliss
upon the request open up your chest & find only tangled red mess
how much pain does it take to get thru ones own
get rid of already known

everyday I need to stare deep into your soul
ain't no method
everyday I need to look deep into your eyes

and I sometimes I know I feel the same as you
and I don't know you there

the flow of restoration
the initial concept
not for the justification of everyone's true intent
the cypher & clue shining the outside
(impeding visions of mind)
Track Name: A Tool In The Arms Of Existence
take a meatgrinder feet first slip
people wanna see your throat slit
third eye ripped
doesn't matter whether you deserve it, it's the joy
ah, third eye ripped

thick line of what you've learned on your own
you can't let it go

double barrel shotgun but the same image
what a priviledge to see ye bro stuck in the pillage
yeah, i wonder how the fuck that happends
yeah, structures twist spiritual design for the masses

what the fuck with you man
what the fuck you're saying
motherfuckers lying to you
whole life's a failure
imma say a couple of words
that means "already better"
do something to engage the system
modified to suit your fucking mind description
constantly you're giving tons of fucking reasons bettered

pesonality's a trend modified
to suit the uncompatible set in your fucking mind
with a solution in the perspective
and the viewpoints to keep objective

phase transition in your fucking mind

man, it's the flux
descending to the deepest below
thick line of what you've learned on your own
you can't let em go
Track Name: Life Is Not Important
that's right, separating flesh from the bone
that's why you can't last a minute
this shit, this shit right here gonna get blown
red blood garments gonna get (torn)

that's why you and the dead speak the same tongue
that's why you can't hear the living one
that's where i put the nail to your skull
like it's the perfect place it belongs

right here we be bashing your brains back
that's right, those who know, do not speak
oh shit, that's why it ain't much
to devote your life to using that cunt twitch

that's right, ideologies dragging you down
that's why the mainstream's limited
that's where you cut that shit out, bitch
i don't give a fuck what you think, bitch

i've just pictured in my mind
but you believed me like it was light
why? i wait for you

if i will pull it from the sky
will you believe me that it is light
why? i wait for you